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"Alvin is a fine musician, a skilled arranger and producer with both the technical and creative skills needed for creating music in a wide variety of styles. He is outgoing, personable, responsible - in short, he has all the traits and skills for success. I'm very happy to give Alvin my endorsement for all his furture pursuits."

Bill Elliot

Grammy award nominee orchestrator

"Alvin is highly talented and patient. He takes in all music comments and somehow translate it to beautiful music. He is very composed at all times, even though the timeline might be tight. He has energy and passion for his craft that shows. Its my great pleasure to recommend him as he will be a great asset."

Michelle Tan

Senior Producer, Dentsu Singapore

"Alvin's biggest strength is his adaptability and speed. We threw him tight timelines and he never missed a delivery timing and delivered it right. The agency and client were suitably impressed with his music. His diverse talents showed when different genres of music were needed to suit different films. His calm temperament under pressure, training and talent makes him an asset to any creative team."

Roslee Yusof

Film Director
Founding Partner, Freeflow Productions

"Alvin impressed me as a strongly motivated, diligent, dedicated and talented musician. His broad knowledge in electronic and acoustic music production and his attention to every detail makes him the perfect fit. "

Manuel Kaufmann

Award winning Music Arranger

"Alvin is ambitious, driven, and hard-working. It is clear that he is intent on learning as much information as possible and developing his music career aggressively. He possesses a good balance of music and production skills"


Kurt Biederwolf


Professor Berklee College of Music

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